The best free audio editors 2021: Edit music files and make your own podcasts!

Maksut Gavaz

Maksut Gavaz

If you, like many, are interested in sound design, mastering, or editing audio files, we have good news for you- you don’t have to pull out your wallet just yet! Whether you’re making your own podcasts, mixing music, or just trimming a sound recording to a particular length, a free audio editor is a more proper choice than a paid digital audio workstation… especially if you are just getting started!

To make things even easier for you, we took the effort to do the research and create a neat and accurate list for the best free audio editors in 2021. Following are the finest and leading audio editors, for those who are searching for marvelousness without the cost:

  • Audacity – has kept the first place in every list made for best free audio editor, and with a good reason. It is dominant, open source, free and full with features that outperform many paid professional-grade audio editing software. It offers numerous mastering and editing tools, recording, adding fade-ins and fade-outs, cutting audio files, applying effects, having streaming capabilities, attached microphone and much more!
  • Ocenaudio – is capable, steady and cross-platform audio editor, which is improved for managing the most important audio editing tasks quickly, and that is not its only strong side. It supports editing large audio files, adds markers to your files, manipulates the metadata before exporting and includes various effects for VST plugins. Oceanaudio is great for those who want a neat and easy to use audio editor.
  • Ashampoo Music Editor 2018 – is a mixture of incredible media player and free audio editor, which you need to have! Its powerful characteristics are managing your music files, by including a playlist builder, loads of editing tools and its spectacular interface. Ashampoo Music Editor 2018 is the faultless audio editor for any music lover.
  • Free Audio Editor – is the audio editor this list cannot exist without. The reason for that is its many features like performing visual editing, recording any sounds, including countless effects and filters and offering a wide range of audio formats. However, its main attraction is the easiness in using it.

With this short list, we hope that we made your choice process a lot easier and helped you figure out how to get started with choosing the right audio editors. Download any of the above mentioned audio editors and make masterpieces on your home devices, we look forward to hearing them!

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