The importance of digital marketing

Emina Mulagic

Emina Mulagic

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Besides the specialization of your company and the creation of your fantastic product or service, you probably have your ways of putting your product out there and getting customers. Your marketing strategy shows how well you know who to target and what need you are taking care of. When building your marketing strategy, digital marketing is something you must have been considering.

With the rapid rise of technology and social media platforms, unimaginable nodes of data are available to us. About 22% of the entire world population has a Facebook account, and that is just one social media platform that consumers use. Every day more people look up what they need and like on the internet, leaving many insights to algorithms about their preferences. These trends have been going hand in hand with adapted marketing strategies, which fall under the concept of “digital marketing”.

The bottomline principle of marketing has not changed that much – we still aim to identify consumer needs and meet them. Yet, digital marketing and data allows us to know much better, in real-time, what our potential customers might be looking for. It allows for analysis of customer journeys and hyper personalized messages, with the aim of getting the right message in front of the right person, at the right time.

All in all, digital marketing takes the vast majority of the guessing-part in marketing and clearly states which efforts work, and which do not. This allows you to allocate your budget in the most effective way possible. Simply put, marketing budget has never been used so effectively!

Digital marketing is growing, and for all the good reasons. It can help your company skyrocket in limited time. Marketing agencies with the right knowledge on how to use and analyze marketing data have a strong competitive advantage. As a result of this great demand for digital marketers, the price to build an inhouse team can easily get quite costly. Luckily, digital marketing could be outsourced too.

Rather than looking for someone to build you a one-time strategy, it is important to work with a digital marketing partner that will help you grow continuously. Consumer behavior is ever-changing and your digital marketing should be adapted to the needs in real-time, to get the best conversion rates. Working with a trusted partner in marketing who truly understands your company’s goals and KPIs and has strong analytical skills, can help your company acquire customers easier than ever.

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