The IT Industry in North-Macedonia

Maksut Gavaz

Maksut Gavaz

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They talk about it in the news and it’s true.The IT industry in North Macedonia is a field which is undergoing rapid evolution as the market for software development services is growing. Here we include software development, consultancies, software management, online services and business process outsourcing. 

North-Macedonia has become the best guarantor for the success of your company. The reason for that is the large pool of talented and motivated professionals. These skilful and relatively young people are not afraid to take risks, explore and work hard. The process of the triumphant IT industry in North-Macedonia can be detected firstly, in the educational system. Taking into consideration that about 7000 students from all faculties graduate annually, of which 1300 are from the Faculties of Computer Science and Engineering, from all universities, shows the interest and dedication in students in the IT industry. We know that this may not seem a lot to you, but keep in mind that the population in North-Macedonia is only 2 million. Next to that there are many extra curricular Digital Skills academies working on re-educating the workforce towards digital and IT.

Yet another important aspect, relating to education is the developers’ high english language proficiency. Children here start learning the english language from a very young age and continue to improve it as they grow up. So you don’t have to worry about the communication and correspondence with the IT experts here.

We will mention it again, since it is a fact: The information and communication technology industry is the fastest growing division of the Macedonian economy. And once we sort out the ICT market in North-Macedonia, we would notice that the largest area is hardware, with a magnificent 55%. Then, the second-largest sector are the ICT services with 30% and lastly, 15% fall under the area of software.

And what is more fascinating is that the annual growth rate is between 2.5% and 8% over the last several years! This means that Macedonia is a promising area for foreign companies that are looking to grow their IT teams. Now, many large ICT companies like Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Cisco, Hewlett Packard and Lotus are present in Macedonia via branch offices, dealers, distributors, resellers, solution providers and business partners, and at the same time they have local sales and support services here.

Does a skilled workforce with English language skills, low corporate tax and telecommunications infrastructure sound too good to be true to you? Don’t be in shock but the IT industry in Macedonia benefits from just that! 

The experts from the Information and communication technology, like professors and prosperous software developers, expect that this sector will only continue in an upward manner. 

To end, let’s put it this way: 

  •  A junior software engineer gets a salary from 500 to 800 euros net per month. 
  • More than 1300 Macedonian students graduated in computer science, mathematics, software development and foreign languages, while another 1800 graduated in economics and business administrations.
  •  The average salary of all profiles from the IT sector, is 60% lower compared to other EU countries.

Knowing this, equates without doubt  to the best cost effective solution and high quality service.

Pinch yourself, so you know that you’re not dreaming. 😉

Now that you know the IT industry in North-Macedonia a little bit better, contact us and we will partner you up with the best IT developers to help you realize your digital solutions!

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