The Horizon in 2021

Maksut Gavaz

Maksut Gavaz

A look back, to be able to plan ahead…

2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone. Especially for small and medium sized companies that are just getting started. After starting our business in January with full motivation to bridge the IT skills gap, dealing with the consequences of a pandemic and hearing that big parts of the world will be going into lockdown after just starting your business was not easy. Luckily, we managed to manoeuvre through this hot mess, test out different ways of working, failed a lot, but also learned a lot. Most importantly though, we managed to stay in the green and survived this year despite all its challenges.

So what’s next? 2021 will be about growth and establishing ourselves as a driving force in the Dutch tech industry. Especially in our hometown of Rotterdam we plan to expand our impact by partnering with promising initiatives that can help us with our mission and vision. But more importantly, we plan on growing our team. Having a strong base of IT professionals in North-Macedonia; having partnered with the best universities in the area as well as started building our own academies will enable us to service more companies in the west… but for this to happen we will need skilled account managers and business development experts.

Furthermore, we want to employ content marketers that will help us make content and communicate our vision, mission, and daily activities. We want to show the people who we are and what we do to get them excited to work with us, and for us. 

Ambitious goals, yes I know, but great things didn’t happen to people that dream small. So in 2021 we will aim for the stars and land on the moon. Are you with us?


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