Why Off-Shoring your IT is a starting point for a scalable business

Emina Mulagic

Emina Mulagic

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Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large business – most of us aim to grow our businesses in a sustainable and profitable way. Let’s be honest, ideally keeping the costs of this as low as possible.

Off-shoring is the practice when companies delegate certain tasks of their day-to-day business to a third party vendor who specializes in this task. Minimizing time and money on costly recruitment might just give you that space that you need to focus on growing your business and developing new products. All this while your software development and IT is being taken care of by pro’s.

In order to flourish, most businesses have to find ways to cut costs and save money for future investments. Labor costs are usually one of the highest costs, ranging between 40% and 80% of the total business revenue, depending on the size of the business. Especially in the field of technology, the demand for IT professionals is increasing and so are their salaries. The most common reason for outsourcing IT is to save this money and let the vendor take care of high labor costs, training, and not to forget the whole IT infrastructure. As a bonus, the tax system in the off-shoring location can be advantageous for you as well.

Sounds good right? It gets better.

The vendor takes care of skillful people, which might be more difficult to find normally. Through vendors, you have easier access to talent that can give your company what you need. With this, you also outsource the responsibility of finishing tasks and related risks.

If you are ready to focus on what really matters, then off-shoring might be something to consider. By working with a professional vendor and delegating the mundane tasks that you have been spending so much time on, you can start using your resources to grow the business. Your existing employees will get the opportunity to stop fixing bugs and focus on innovation. Let alone all the time you will have to acquire new customers.

If you want to know more about the benefits of off-shoring and why we work with the Balkans – keep an eye on our page for more information!

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